CLIENT: Voltair Air Conditioning


RESULT: 279% increase in Revenue


The Challenge

• Not Enough Revenue & Long Hours
• Burnt Out
• Reliant on Low Value Leads from a well known discount retailer

Christie said:
“We used to be installers for a large retail store in Canberra and that was very busy, very low profit margins… There was no passion for the work anymore. It was getting to the point where it wasn’t very pleasant. People would just bark at you all day. I remember coming in after we had a short Christmas break and looking at a large list of our retail referred work and I sighed, and went, ‘okay, which one looks like the friendliest name to contact first?’

I really wanted to deal with loyal, happy customers who were prepared to pay a bit more for a great customer service and installation experience.”

The Options

They realised they need to make changes fast, or Steve would suffer from burnout.

The Solution

After the first few calls with Steve and Christie, it was clear they needed to move away from the subcontract work. It was killing Steve trying to keep up – he was in burnout phase.

One specific area to address was that they didn’t have anything in place for their own marketing and lead generation. We needed to build everything from the ground up, with a limited customer list to go off.

Karen and I knew that if we could get online marketing working for them quickly and give them quality leads to work with, they would book the jobs and win the business. With these higher quality leads, we knew that they would be dealing with a better kind of prospect. In addition, we knew their average job value would increase and so would their profit margin.

By identifying their ideal customer, we could effectively bring some excitement back into their business and help them make more money at the same time—it was a clear goal for us.

Voltair says:
“Brent and Karen were so transparent and honest when we talked with them. We felt really confident that they were able to do the work we needed to get done. Brent especially is so down-to-earth and very caring about what he does; he’s interested in seeing you succeed
and it’s quite personal. He’s there celebrating your successes with you and he’s riding alongside you and cheering you on.”

The Strategy
Build a lead-generation machine and stop low-paying subcontracted work

Get Leads
Using online marketing, we needed to get qualified leads contacting Voltair and booking in new jobs at a reasonable price. We decided Google Ads was the obvious choice for achieving this and created a search campaign targeting people specifically looking for the services Steve and Christie offered.

Increase Revenue
We recommended they increase their rates and make no exceptions for referred work either. This meant it was less attractive for the retail subcontractor to refer low-margin work to Voltair and of the work that was referred, it was finally worthwhile. So, while they had less jobs, they were making more money in the end, which also meant they weren’t as busy.

Increase Profit
In Voltair’s marketing, we dropped all mention of price discounting and focused on the customer’s problem— with comfort levels in their home becoming unbearable, they needed air conditioning installed professionally with a minimum of fuss. We made it clear that Voltair was the best choice if they wanted to be comfortable quickly and reinforced that
Voltair made it easy and enjoyable. All of Voltair’s competition were focussed on price discounting (and still are).

Voltair says:
“We were hesitant of building on our own client base because we were so heavily reliant on contracting work. We needed to know we were going to be able to survive. But Brent and Karen helped us learn that it was okay to let go and move on… we needed to if we wanted
to move forward.”

The Result

Voltair is set for their biggest year ever in 2020 thanks to our marketing campaign.

Voltair was a dream-like client. Right expectations, right people, right outcome. They trusted us to do the best we could for them, and we’ve repaid that trust with tangible results they never dreamed of.

The campaign we’re running for them has 4 main parts, and it turned out to be quite complex—but the results we’ve achieved in such a brief period are proof that our strategy and execution is working.

1. Google Ads
2. Landing Pages
3. Automated SMS
4. Newsletters

279% increase in Revenue (2017 – $537,000) (2019 – $1.5 million)
2X Increase in Avg. Job Value (2017 ~$600) (2019 ~$1,200)
3X Increase in Profit
20:1 ROAS $48,000 Ad spend created $963,000 additional revenue 

What did they have to say?

“We’re seeing a lot more new business. Especially with new builders and ongoing contracts that we never would’ve had access to in the past… we’re really fired up again and I want to become a household name for people here in Canberra.”