CLIENT: Climate Plus

INDUSTRY: Air Conditioning

RESULT: Over 1000 jobs from one email campaign!

What was the main challenge they were trying to overcome?

Climate Plus had a massive database that had never been marketed to. In fact there was well over 10,000 contacts. They were sitting on a gold mine.

The big challenge was, the contacts weren’t all in one place. They were spread over multiple spreadsheets, plus there were more in their scheduling system, and others were held by a supplier.

Plus the contact data wasn’t stored in a consistent manner.

It was a nightmare!

We had to clean the data, then bring it all together BEFORE we could begin to think about marketing campaigns.

The other challenge was to integrate their job scheduling system – ServiceM8 – with a marketing automation CRM.

What were their options?

Their options were straight forward:

1) Stay the same & hope their clients called Climate Plus instead of a competitor.


2) Automate their customer retention to ensure loyalty and plenty of repeat business.

What was the solution we provided?

After talking with Dale & Liam, we quickly identified a massive opportunity in their client database. It had never been marketed to. They had been sitting on a gold mine and not realised it.

Because all their client data was inconsistently stored all over the place, it had been put into the too hard basket.

And in it’s current form, there was little or no chance of effectively marketing to it.

We needed to get all the contacts into the one place ready for marketing automation.

Not only was it important to get the contact information right, there was also the task of segmenting the contacts by products & services.

The magnitude of this task was mind boggling. But it had to be done so our marketing efforts would be maximised.

What was the end result?

Over 1000 jobs booked from one email campaign!

PLUS… new customers are being added automatically from ServiceM8 to their Keap CRM.

The beauty of this campaign is that it’s evergreen, and the results will increase exponentially year on year.

What did they have to say?

“I don’t think we expected the email campaign to work as well as it did” “Now we’ll be able to plan a lot better” “We have 3 service technicians booked out for two months” “You’ve given us some really great ideas to make these campaigns more effective”

Liam Zeller

Director of Climate Plus Canberra