Want To Increase Revenue By $500k Or More?

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The team at “It Just Happens” will take care of your marketing… so you can build the trades business you dreamed of… and have the lifestyle you always imagined.

Proven Lead Generation Marketing For Tradies Who Want An Unfair Advantage!

Done For You Lead Generation & Marketing For Tradies


(Case Study Reveals $1 Million Increase)

Picture this…It’s late at night, you’re all alone, slumped over your office computer, scratching your head and frustrated because you need to get your marketing sorted out

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone…most tradies have been there too.

And like most tradies, you’ve probably had a red hot go at trying to generate more leads for your business, only to realise there is more to it than building a website, having a Facebook page and shoving a few flyers in letterboxes.

You’ve probably tried a few of these too…

You dabbled in Google AdWords…and all you got were price shoppers!

You paid a small fortune for SEO…and still wondering why!

You tried creating a newsletter…it took too much time!

If you’re slowly nodding your head and thinking “I wish someone would take care of all this marketing stuff”…call It Just Happens Marketing For Tradies on 07 3041 4139

“At Last! Tradie Marketing That Actually Works.”

We’ll Set Up And Manage Your Marketing For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Hiring A Full-Time Marketing Professional…

(Case Study Reveals $1 Million Increase)

It’s just like having your very own Virtual Marketing Manager.

Imagine turning on the tap and having a flow of customers ready to do business with you.

It Just Happens Lead Generation For Tradies is a unique, done-for-you customer attraction system that…

✅ identifies your most profitable customers

✅ creates the right marketing to attract more of these profitable customers

✅ helps you turn these new customers into lifelong clients

Wouldn’t it be great knowing you could count on results like these…

“we tripled our profit margin“

“our revenue went from $500k to $1.5million

“our revenue increased by 35%“ (this was for a multi-million dollar trades business)

If you want an unfair advantage over your competitors, knowing your lead generation is on auto-pilot…call 07 3041 4139

“Why It Just Happens Marketing?”

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re like most tradies who just want to create a business that doesn’t depend on you, and build the lifestyle for your family that you’ve always dreamed about…

Without spending countless hours trying to learn marketing…

Or investing a fortune on marketing that doesn’t work.

For many tradies, the idea of learning how to market their business can be a stressful, complex and expensive process, with many unforeseen traps.

You see, without the right information – you can end up investing BIG $$$ into a system that doesn’t bring in quality leads, forgets about the customers you already have… not to mention – cost you a fortune in worry and sleepless nights!

This is where we come in. As Australia’s leading done-for-you marketing experts for tradies, the team at It Just Happens are equipped and ready to put every area of your marketing on auto-pilot…

– for a fraction of what it’d cost to hire a full-time marketing manager.

We’re passionate about marketing, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make the entire marketing process as seamless as possible for you…

From finding the most profitable leads for your business, to helping you convert outstanding quotes, right through our customer nurturing process that’s tailor made to build a steady stream of repeat business and referrals.

We like to keep things transparent and trust you will appreciate our No-BS approach to marketing your trades business.

That’s why we schedule regular catchups so we can both say it like it is…The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. It’s mostly pretty good though.

It’s why the team at It Just Happens are considered Australia’s “go-to” for tradies who want stress-free, No-BS done-for-you marketing that gets results.

FREE Case Study Shows How One Tradie Tripled Their Profit Margin
And Increased Revenue 279% By Identifying Their Dream Clients…And Sacking The Rest

If you want to see how we did it…



Tripled Profit Margin…

“We definitely didn’t think it would happen so quickly within a year… and at the same time triple our profit…break a million in revenue… still seems crazy.”

Christie Baran

Director, Voltair Canberra

Better Quality Calls…

“When we answer the phone a large percentage are already converted sales.”

Gill & Dean Mathews

Directors, DCM Plumbing & Drainage

It’s On Auto Pilot…

“Our Customer retention marketing is all on auto pilot.”

Allan Ferguson

CEO, Omega Services